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about april 

"My desire is to encourage, equip, inspire, and offer hope to people in their relationships with God, themselves, and with others."

April Christina Farmer is a vocalist and speaker who has traveled the world sharing her gift of
song and words of inspiration with audiences great and small. April Christina has been blessed with
an unforgettable ability to lead others into the presence of God through worship and has
served the body of Christ as a Worship Leader for over 20 years. As a speaker, April
Christina has a passion for seeing people thrive in their relationships with God, themselves,
and others. April Christina has dedicated her life to allowing God to use her experiences
and testimony to build up and encourage people from all walks and stages of life in their journey.

Life’s trials and victories have afforded April Christina a message for the masses; a message of hope,
redemption, perseverance, and the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. Having overcome every obstacle
and societal statistic thrust upon single, teenage mothers, April Christina pursues every opportunity to
offer hope and encouragement to other people who face seemingly insurmountable odds. She has served
as a mentor for at-risk youth, teenage mothers, single women, and serves as a ministry leader in her local church. Her passion for the Word of God and his people has made her a sought out speaker and worship leader at churches and events across the United States.
  April Christina is the Director of Mentoring, Crisis, and Counseling at Buckhead Church in Atlanta, GA, and the co-founder of D&A Ministries,LLC and Farmer Music LLC,.  She and her husband David
Farmer Sr are empty nesters and reside in metro-Atlanta.

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